Buried Treasure!

This demolition and rebuild project involved removing a 60’ long manufactured home, that was entombed in the house, and rebuilding the interior supports, including concrete footings. We reframed approximately 65% of the floor system, installed new sub-flooring and new hardwood floors. We installed new interior sheathing (sheetrock), a new HVAC system, sealed and installed crawlspace, painted the exterior, and installed underground drainage and new gutter systems. As part of the full interior design, we built one new full bath and a complete kitchen._MG_5218_sm _MG_5215_sm _MG_5217_sm _MG_5197_sm _MG_5196_sm _MG_5192_sm_MG_5190_sm _MG_5186_sm _MG_5182_sm _MG_5189_sm _MG_5180_sm _MG_5204_sm  _MG_5202_sm _MG_5201_sm _MG_5200_sm _MG_5199_sm _MG_5198_sm