Sunny and sumptuous RIVERFRONT LOFT UP-FIT

Working with the fabulous home owners SWD brought this sunny and sumptuous riverfront loft from an empty “white box” to what you see here!

THE GREAT ROOM with built-in window seat and custom door with glass bricks:

_MG_3833_sm _MG_3826_sm GreatRoom3_sm GreatRoom27_sm GreatRoom29_sm WindowSeat4_sm _MG_3821_sm _MG_3817_sm GreatRoom24_sm GreatRoom28_sm


EntryHall_sm EntryHall8_sm

THE MASTER BEDROOM with viewing platform with enclosed storage underneath, curved walk-in closet, freestanding closet and port hole:

MasterBedroom18_sm _MG_3811_sm MasterBedroom3_sm MasterBedroom9_sm MasterBedroom10_sm MasterBedroom14_sm MasterBedroom20_sm MasterBedroom30_sm MasterBedroom31_sm MasterBedroom37_sm MasterBedroom39_sm MasterBedroom40_sm MasterBedroom41_sm Platform2_sm