The Team

Superior ability. Proven experience.

Chris Lackey
  • Design 93%
  • Framing and Building 97%
  • Using "closed loop" sustainable building practices. 95%
  • Knowledge of Building Codes and requirements. 96%
  • Efficiency & adherence to deadlines. 92%

Chris Lackey

Owner. Builder. Designer

B.A., Duke University
Started Green building company specializing in energy efficient remodeling: sunrooms, screen porches, decks, kitchens and bathrooms.  During this time he worked with a Raleigh-based passive solar residential architect and established solar related and residential design skills.  Developed techniques to repurpose demolition items typically slated for landfill into building materials for new construction and remodeling.  1986 – Present.

Technician at Stage & Studio Construction Services in Raleigh, NC. Built recording studios and renovated theaters.  During this time he honed his high end carpentry and finish skills. 1982 – 86.

Rigger at Screen Gems Studio in Wilmington,NC.   1981.

Cat Manolis
  • Design Skills 94%
  • Creativity in Interior Standards 95%
  • Efficiency and Adherence to Deadlines 93%
  • Specialized Building and Artistic Skills 97%

Cat Manolis

Partner. Builder. Designer.

MFA, University of Chapel Hill, NC

CONSULTANT- As a Master of Fine Arts, Cat assists with design, to work with our clients in choosing colors, finishes and artistic details, and to then implement these important elements.  She has worked extensively with interior designers and architects on projects in commercial businesses, hotels and residential homes and is trained in faux finishes, tile mosaics and creative tile work,  specialized plastering and painting and custom stain matching to name a few.

The Crew
  • Proven Skill 91%
  • Experience 95%
  • Artistic Ability 97%
  • Cleanliness & Reliability 94%

The Crew

The Crew

SWD’s entire crew has been performing sustainable building techniques for a minimum of 12 yrs.  Each crew member has been associated with Solar Wind Designs for at least 7 yrs. and can be trusted to protect and respect every homeowner’s property and home.